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Being a third generation Nevadan, born and raised in Las Vegas my love for this State is immeasurable. For the last 10 years I have dedicated my life to public service; and continue to make every effort to devote myself to improving our community. My involvement in Local, State, and National issues/policies have been ever increasing; diversified by incredible people and challenging events.


Chance Bonaventura

For many years now, Nevada has not been put first. Washington has forgotten traditional American values; and continues to supplant our liberties with federal overreach. Unfortunately, our current representatives are not interested in being the voice for Nevadans; instead, they continue to vote for a radical agenda wholly out of sync with Nevada and void of common sense.

Good representation does not stem from how much money a candidate raises, the amount of animosity they can stir up against their opponent, or hollow maxims about their purported stances. Rather, quality representation derives from allowing open discussion to all parties; working out ideas, and having the objectivity to put personal predispositions aside. Nevada needs a representative that has devoted themselves to the study of history, the science of government, and places servitude to the people above all else. Those who try and “convince” are the first to violate lex majoris partis (the voice of the majority decides).

Since 2014, I have been on the ground: listening, working, and solving the issues of the constituency of Nevada. Directing and/or assisting campaigns for proven Republicans like Councilwoman Michele Fiore, Councilwoman Victoria Seaman, Assemblyman Dennis Hof, Assemblyman Jim Marchant, et al. All of whom have been immeasurable to gaining a clearer pulse of Nevada. Years of work have resulted in personally knocking on hundreds of thousands of doors, and spending thousands of hours on the phone discussing the concerns of our constituency.

In 2017 Councilwoman Michele Fiore was sworn in to represent Ward 6 in the City of Las Vegas, and I am proud to be serving as her Chief of Staff. During her tenure in office, enumerable challenges have been presented in the day-to-day operations of the Ward 6 office. These can range from something as mundane as requesting a traffic study for a local intersection, to coordinating with Federal Partners on large master-planned developments. In 2021 alone I have made over 3,800 calls (totaling 4,004 hours) and sent/received over 39,000 emails. Hard work is in my blood and I will continue to do my best for our State. 

Local government is a non-partisan, dynamic field; which requires practical solutions, setting aside hardline political disposition, and implementing unique problem-solving skills to make life better in our community. It has been a pleasure serving our City residents and I look forward to continuing to be the medium of your voice in Washington. Thank you

Your Public Servant,

Chance Bonaventura

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